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Why People Fail At Weight-Management Every New Year

Will you please allow me to be perfectly blunt?

It’s that time of year where you are bombarded by thousands of ads on radio, television, social media, websites and magazines about the latest diets, pills and powders to help you lose weight.

Yet, every single year, millions of people continue to fail at controlling their weight because they don’t know how their bodies actually function.

It’s really that simple.

Lack of knowledge coupled with the intense desire to quickly lose weight is a breeding ground for unscrupulous marketers. From quick-fix programs to pills and powders — the weight-loss hucksters push unwitting consumers into programs and products that put their health (and sometimes even their lives) at risk.


May I be honest?

Many people think they have your best interests at heart. But, don’t be fooled. Some (not all) of these hucksters are medical professionals and hospitals who stand to profit from unneeded bariatric surgery or liposuction and follow-up care.

It is cynical, unethical and dangerous. Yet, year after year it continues.

Blunt 2-2-2

Can we talk?

As a certified health and fitness professional I am shocked at the level of deceit perpetrated on the public. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

So, let’s get real. Let’s have an adult conversation – right here, right now — about how to lose unwanted body-fat and how to finally take control of your weight and overall health — forever.

Hand writing New Mindset New Results with black marker on transparent wipe board.

Successful Weight-Management is a Mind Set

Successful weight-management starts with a “mind set.” So let’s start with these two golden rules:

  • Long-term, permanent weight-management is a by-product of your overall health and lifestyle.

  • Long-term, permanent weight-management is NOT a 12-week “Point A” to “Point B” program with a “finish line.”

It’s a Lifestyle…

Athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts never worry about their weight because their day-to-day living includes physical activity, nutritious eating and rest. As a result, their metabolisms run at a higher rate and use up their caloric intake.

Have you ever noticed how much food healthy people eat? A lot!


How to Stay Lean and Fit

If you ask healthy people how they stay so lean and fit, they simply shrug and tell you it’s nothing special. That’s because it’s their lifestyle. To them, this is just normal day-to-day living. So, it’s “nothing special.”

Blunt 3-3-3

They also are not sedentary. They take the stairs. They often prefer to walk or ride their bicycles in lieu of the car. They dance, swim and even hula-hoop with their friends, kids and grandkids.

And, when it comes to eating, they actually prefer the taste of nutrient-dense foods over junk food. That’s because their bodies no longer crave sugars, salts and fats.


 Successful Weight-Management Starts with Education

I often tell people that successful weight-management starts in the brain. Of course, I’m talking about education.

Understanding human physiology and how your body responds to activity and nutrition is truly the difference between people who achieve long-term success and those who continue to yo-yo diet.


Because I personally believe in the concept of “Knowledge is Power,” I’ve recently introduced an incredible program called “New Year New You”. (Register HERE)

Part of the program is designed to help explain the physiology behind everything from digestion to weight-training in easy-to-understand terms.

Health education is the very essence of our business!

Upon completion, you will never, ever fall victim to the phony programs, pills, powders and bogus medical advice.

INSTEAD… you will know exactly how to manage your weight and overall health for the rest of your life!

I look forward to our journey together

Gonzalo Perez Helguero, CPT, CSCS
Owner/Head Coach TRIM Fitness


5 Health Tips For Surviving The Holiday Season

December is usually synonymous with an abundance of eating and a lack of exercise. I want to encourage you to start the New Year on the right foot by finishing up this one STRONG.

The holidays are a time for celebration and family, not to put on weight. It’s almost as if we’ve come to accept that we are going to put on 10 pounds during each holiday season.

Celebration doesn’t have to mean gluttonous eating, or deprivation for that matter. It’s time to bring the focus back to the purpose of the holiday. Enjoy your friends and family, the time off and the traditions of the holidays.

The holiday season might not be a time to lose weight, but it doesn’t have to be a time to lose your health. The key is to go into the holidays with a plan. Here are five ways to keep your health over the holidays.

Tip #1: Shop Well For Yourself


Not that kind of shopping! Lol. It is more important then ever to stock your kitchen with healthy foods. Have healthy snacks handy. The more convenient they are, the more likely you are to eat them. Instead of thinking about what you shouldn’t eat, promise to eat your 3 to 5 servings of vegetables each day.

Tips #2: Schedule Your Exercise


Your schedule will be very hectic this holiday season. Schedule your workouts just as you would any other appointment. It’s ok if you can’t make it to a session, but make sure that you get some activity in at least three days per week.

Tip #3: Just Say No


You probably aren’t aware how much extra food you consume just from people offering it to you. A sample at the market here, an extra cookie at an office party there and it all adds up. Just think twice before you take that food and decide if you really want it.

Tip #4: Skip the Baking


Do you make baked goods for giving? Chances are you eat much of what you bake. Who wouldn’t? Instead make non-food gifts, or prepare ingredients for baked goods and put them in pretty jars–let your gift recipient bake it up. That way, they can eat it when they want it and you don’t have to be tempted in the kitchen.

Tip #5: Hydrate


Keep your water bottle with you at all times. You should be drinking eight, 8-oz glasses of water each day. One handy trick is to buy a 64 ounce water jug. Fill it up in the morning and know that you need to finish it by the end of the day.

Need Help Surviving The Holiday Season?? Join our “Zero Pound Challenge”. It’s a program designed to make you a winner! For info reach us at 714-768-4858.

Gonzalo Perez, C.P.T., C.S.C.S., the creator of TRIM Fitness, is a nationally recognized fitness presenter, speaker, and highly regarded expert in the field of Nutrition and Functional Fitness.

TRIM Fitness is a total wellness and fitness program for people of all fitness levels and stages of life. It includes combination of strength, conditioning, and functional movements. This makes for a great workout for any level of fitness. For information on sessions and times, visit www.mytrimfitness.com or call 714-768-4858.


5 Tips To Getting Fab Abs

Dear reader,

I’m in an interesting position today. In this report I’m going to give you something for free that many others typically charge for… but I’m more than certain that, once you discover and apply these five fitness tips for getting the midsection (Fab Abs) you’ve always wanted, you too will become one of my happy and satisfied clients.

How would you like to drop four or eight inches in about four to six weeks? How would you like to tone and tighten your midsection and naturally reveal your Fab Abs? 

Measure Inches

Would you want to look in the mirror and see a more youthful body again – maybe a better body than you have seen in a long time? And wouldn’t you like to protect yourself from a back injury, look younger, and live a longer, more vital life?

If you answered yes to these questions, just as the hundreds of individuals that I have coached, trained, and advised as a Fitness Professional and Coach, then this is going to be the most important blog you have read in a long time.

Right now, at this very moment, I’m going to reveal to you the 5 TOP strategies that have enabled my clients to shape and sculpt the midsection that they have always desired.

These strategies, though simple, can prove extremely rewarding when implemented into your lifestyle, with little sacrifice on your part.

So, let’s dive right on in and discover these five proven tips…

5 Tips To Getting Fab Abs

How To Sculpt Your Midsection And Get Maximum Results In Minimum Time”

  1. Set realistically attainable goals. Success 101: You must have tangible short-term and long-term goals for your any fitness program so that you can gage your progress and stay motivated. It’s crucial to have a “baseline” before you begin so that you can measure your success. A qualified personal trainer (like me) can give you a complete fitness analysis that will aid you in developing a personalized fitness program which addresses your particular needs. Having goals, particularly short-term goals, allows you to track your progress and keeps you motivated when times are tough and you don’t feel like exercising. Keeping a journal of your cardio and resistance training workouts, as well as tracking what you eat is truly a fitness success “secret.” Just remember that your goals should be realistic and attainable. The best way for you to understand what is realistic and attainable for you is to talk to a fitness professional – not to buy into the “hype” of infomercials or diet and fitness products that blatantly mislead.


  2. Set exercise appointments with yourself. Back to basics: Use your day-timer to set appointments for exercise – and then stick to them. You wouldn’t miss a business meeting, a hair appointment, or client appointment, would you? So don’t miss your exercise appointment with yourself. Nothing is more important than your health. Nothing. Everything else will crumble around you if your health goes south. So make your exercise appointments a priority. If you find it difficult to keep these appointments, then consider hiring a personal trainer who will hold you to your commitment. When you have money invested, and someone waiting for you to show up – you are much more likely to actually SHOW UP!
  1. Never Ever skip breakfast. If you want to maximize your fitness results, fat-loss efforts, and get Fab Abs you’ve got to eat breakfast. Even if you don’t exercise at all – breakfast remains the most important meal of the day. Your breakfast should contain complete proteins and complex carbohydrates (if you’re trying to lose weight and sculpt your midsection, you should eat the bulk of your complex carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch, and only have vegetable carbohydrates at dinner). A great breakfast for Fab Abs is oatmeal (not the pre-packaged, pre-sweetened kind) with a little honey and banana and a protein drink. Or try scrambled egg whites with Healthy Choice turkey sausage.


  1. Eat regularly throughout the day. Fasting or overly restrictive diets will enable you to lose weight – in the short run. Because the weight you lose is primarily water weight and lean muscle tone. But in the long-run it has exactly the opposite effect you want. When you restrict your diet, your body instinctively thinks it’s being starved and shifts into a protective mode by storing fat. Your body’s energy expenditures will be fueled by your lean muscles causing your body fat to remain essentially the same while you lose vital fluids and muscle. The less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism becomes, and the less fat you burn around your belly. You should be eating three nutritionally balanced meals each day, and you should have at least one or two healthy snacks. Avoid fried and processed foods at all cost – talk about dead calories! Here’s a good rule of thumb: make sure that you are consistently “grazing” on health foods about every three hours. This includes at least half a gallon of fresh water every day. This keeps your metabolic furnace firing, so you burn more belly fat at a faster rate.
  1. Don’t waste your time working small muscles with isolated movements. If you don’t enjoy doing resistance training, or are pressed for time, concentrate on working the largest muscle groups with compound resistance movements. When I see overweight people doing wrist curls or lateral raises, I cringe knowing that they will not see results. It’s probably due to a lack of understanding about how their bodies work. It goes without saying this is true for getting Fab Abs. Most people want to lose belly fat and tone and firm their midsection. The way to do that is to use resistance (weights or machines) to train the large core muscle groups. Men should be concentrating on legs, chest and back. Women should concentrate more on their legs and back. The best exercises for legs are lunges or squats (a personal trainer can show you the proper form and then monitor you during the exercise) and leg press. The best chest exercise is bench press, and the best back exercise is the seated row. And for Fab Abs concentrate on moves like the Burpee. All of these are compound movements, which means they incorporate multiple muscle groups, and compound movements are known for quickly increasing your metabolism.



  1. Never Ever do a traditional sit-up. Of course I have to give you one more tip and probably THE most important of them all. Unless you are super athlete with an incredibly well-developed midsection, sit-ups can lead to a strained lower back and possibly lumbar injuries. But it gets worse. Rather than hitting your abdominal section, sit-ups can shift exercise tension to your hip flexors – which defeats the purpose. There is so much misinformation about how to strengthen, tone, and firm the midsection, it’s almost frightening. It is very difficult to learn proper abdominal exercise technique by reading about it or watching it demonstrated on a video. You need to do it with supervision and get feedback about your form from a knowledgeable source. And keep in mind that you use your abdominal muscles in almost every single movement you make. Strengthening your abdominal region is the single most effective way to prevent, or recover from, low back pain – and to get that firm, slim look you are after.

    No Sit UP

There you have it. Six essential strategies for an effective midsection sculpting fitness program that will help you have Fab Abs and the midsection than you have in years – maybe ever! I realize that starting (or re-starting) any productive and effective weight loss and fitness program is not easy. That’s why I encourage you to get help.

The hardest part is just getting started and sustaining your motivation until fitness becomes habitual. Once you develop the habit, which can take as little as thirty day, your whole life will change for the better.

P.S. I have taken the liberty of including a link to join our next 6-Week “Fab Abs” Program as well as a valuable gift entitling you to a completely FREE Fitness Assessment & Training Package. Simply fill out the form and I will get you all set up! CLICK HERE



6-Ways To Reduce Stress!

Learn about six key ways to cope with stress in your life.

Stress sucks.

We all know that stress isn’t good for us. The effects of stress can be debilitating, and for millions of people, stress leads to all sorts of symptoms and ailments, including headaches, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and lowered immunity.

According to the American Psychological Association, stress can result in headache, muscle tension, muscle pain, chest pain, fatigue, upset stomach, insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, lack of motivation, lack of focus, irritability, depression, eating problems, addiction … and social withdrawal. Yow!


Chronic stress suppresses the body’s ability to regulate the inflammatory response, which can promote and advance disease. With demanding, hectic schedules, you may not always be able to control what happens in your daily life, but you can practice healthy habits to manage stress.

Fortunately, stress isn’t inevitable, even in today’s hyper-connected, highly competitive world.

Here are six techniques that I’ve picked up over the years and now use on a daily basis.

1: WALKING – Go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Gain a new point of view. The point is to stimulate your senses and shift your awareness to something other than the stressor. A little break from your current environment and some fresh air and sunlight might be just what you need to refresh your mindset. Walking reduces cortisol, and amazing at sensitizing our body to insulin. Walking is one of the most under utilized aspects to a fit, happy, and healthy you.


2: SOCIAL GATHERINGS – Interacting with others in a way that lets them know you care about them is an excellent stress-reducing mechanism. When we are in social situations, such as caregiving or volunteering it provides us internally with a sense of well-being. If you are lonely or grieving, getting your focus off of yourself and onto others less fortunate is a great way to lift your spirit and alleviate stress. A study of people between the ages of 18 and 55 found that those who had six or more close friends were four times better at fighting off viruses than people with fewer connections. with friends and family who you enjoy to be around. Playing games, enjoying a glass of wine, having good conversation.
3: MASSAGE – Massage therapy or any spa treatment where a therapist (or masseuse) manipulates the body’s muscles and soft tissues to relieve pain and decrease stress. A massage will help you unload from your day and let your body fully relax. Book one now.
massage downtime
4: MAKE TIME FOR DOWNTIME – Reading, yoga, meditation, prayer, petting a dog or cat and other quiet activities are proven to have soothing, beneficial effects on the mind and body.

5: INTIMACY – Being intimate itself has many benefits for health and stress relief.  It can relax your body and release many hormones that are supportive of your overall health and wellness. This type of relaxation can also be great emotionally.

Aside from these scientific findings, love making has some obvious stress management components. In addition to effectively taking your mind off of your worries for a decent period of time, love making provides some of these other stress management benefits: Deep breathing, Sense of touch, Social support, Endorphins release, and a Physical workout.

Make love often.That’s all I have to say about that.
6: EXERCISE – Running, yoga, lifting weights, and playing sports are all great ways to get your mind off of the things that you find stressful and do something healthy for your mind and body. Exercise decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins, which are often referred to as the body’s “feel-good chemicals.” Physical activity releases endorphins and can help boost your mood and energy.



7: LAUGH – According to various studies, laughter activates disease-fighting T-cells and increases the production of immune-strengthening antibodies. Even just thinking about a funny event can have a positive effect. In one study, men were told three days in advance that they were going to watch a funny video Their stress levels dropped immediately.


Stressful times are inevitable. Living in stress is optional. Take a few of these simple actions. It will benefit your body, mind and spirit.

How do you relieve, reduce or eliminate stress? Leave a comment below and let us know if you found this article helpful.


6 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

At the TRIM Fitness HQ in Menifee, not a day goes by without someone asking me: “Gonzalo, How Do I Increase My Metabolism?”

Well, I wish I could give you the name of a magic pill, easy answer, or wonder juice regarding this matter. But, since I love educating and doing things the right way, I will give you the long “WORK” version in this article.

6 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

1) First we MUST understand what metabolism is. In the simplest terms, metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. A faster metabolism will enable you to lose more body weight than a person with the same activity level, diet, and weight.


2) Determine what is influencing your metabolism. There are some factors that you can control and change, and some factors that you can’t.

  • Age – Metabolic rate decreases 5% each decade, after the age of 40 , partly because of decreased muscle mass. (Hence the importance of weight training)
  • Gender – Men generally burn calories more quickly than women because they have more muscle tissue.
  • Heredity – You can inherit your metabolic rate from previous generations.
  • Thyroid disorder – Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid gland) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) can slow down or speed up metabolism,

but only 3% and .3% of the population have hypo- and hyperthyroidism respectively. (Many people like to use that card. I usually tell them it’s not a thyroid problem, it’s a mouth problem)

Quality of your weight – Have you ever had a muscle cramp? OK Now let me ask you another question? HAVE YOU EVER HAD A FAT CRAMP? I didn’t think so. Muscle is a contractile tissue, therefore it’s metabolically active and burns calories. FAT DOES NOT.

3) Eat small, frequent meals. Extending the time between meals makes your body go into “starvation mode,” which decreases your metabolism as a means to conserve energy and prevent starvation. While some people are able to lose weight through intermittent fasting, most people generally eat less overall when they eat small, frequent meals.



4) Boost metabolism temporarily with aerobic exercise. Different activities burn different quantities of calories, but the important thing is to raise your heart rate and sustain the activity for approximately thirty minutes.


5) Boost metabolism in the long run with weight training. Muscle burns more calories than fat does (73 more calories per kilogram per day, to be exact)so the more muscle you build, the higher resting your metabolic rate (RMR) will be.


Every muscle cell that you gain is like a little factory that constantly burns calories for you, even while you sleep, and revs up when you exercise. This is the only way to increase RMR, which accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the calories you burn daily.



6) Consume more protein. There are no “fat-burning” foods. You might’ve heard that certain foods (e.g. celery and grapefruit) increase metabolic rate, but it’s just a myth.

However, it has been proven that all foods do have what is called the thermic effect. Foods with protein have a 30% thermic effect, and are the most thermal of all foods.

(Thermic means it heats up your body, hence increasing your metabolism.

So that means if you eat a 100 calorie portion of lean meat, 30 calories from the food are required to break down the fibers in the protein and to properly digest it. (SWEEEEEEEET)

Foods with higher amounts of fiber also have a high thermic effect.


Conclusion: Lift weights (long term investment), do moderate cardio (short term investment), consume a lean source of protein every 2-3 hours (to increase thermic effect), eat plenty of green fibrous veggies to make you feel full and also for their “thermic effect”

Bonus grunge rubber stamp on white, vector illustration

BONUS: Sleep plays a vital role in regulating metabolism and appetite. When sleep deprived, the metabolic system will be out of balance. FACT: As sleep time decreased over time from the 1950s to 2000s from about 8.5 hours to 6.5 hours, there has been an increase in the prevalence of obesity from about 10% to about 23%

I hope you find this article helpful and you move towards changing your view of living a healthier lifestyle for the better for your own sake and that of those around you. By the way, due to high demand, I’m really excited to announce the launch of my ”2017 28- Day Flat Belly Program”. You can learn more about it by contacting me directly at gonzalo@mytrimfitness.com or calling 714-768-4858.

Get ready to look amazing, feel great, and be your BEST this Summer!


Benefits of an Off-Season Training Program

Over the past couple weeks; I have been receiving many questions of various topics from parents, but many pertaining to my thoughts on off-season training. Many of our client’s children athletes are footb all, soccer, volleyball, or baseball players whom are now off for the Summer, their Off-Season.

Traditionally, after the Off-Season which last anywhere from 3-4 months, they will then go off and play high school athletics, followed by summer ball, followed by fall ball, and 8 months later they are back.

Typically, these athletes work maniacally for those 3 to 4 months in hopes that those gains will carry them through the next 8 months. In reality, the season wears them down and does more damage to them than good.


The solution to prevent the breakdown is Off-Season training.

Mobility and Recovery
If we are honest, when a game is done, the majority of athletes take their cleats off and head to the car to go home without doing any sort of post game recovery or stretching. There is no focus on the recovery aspect of their sport or body, which is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy body throughout a season.

As important as warm-ups are to keeping a body happy and healthy for a game, the recovery is just as important to preventing a breakdown or injury.

One of the biggest benefits of Off-Season training is going to be the opportunity to learn to keep the body healthy, mobile and a continued focus on recovery. As you throw, kick, jump and play a season, the body begins to compensate and will tighten and loosen in areas that we don’t always want it to.


An Off-Season program allows us to keep our athletes focused on the importance of them doing their soft-tissue work and mobility exercises. There is a lot more time placed on these types of exercises during an Off-Season program.

Strength and Power Levels
Our athletes should work hard in the Off-Season to build up their strength and power so that they can excel once they hit the field. They are pushing big weights, pushing their limits and breaking down those barriers so that they can compete at the highest possible level.

Once season comes, many times lifting is forgotten about as coaches and players think that simply playing will keep their numbers up. The reality of this is actually the opposite.

Researchers in Boston (Faigenbaum, et. al. 1996) studied the effect of detraining, or taking time off of training during the season. What they found was close to a 20% reduction in upper body strength and close to 30% in lower body strength!

I don’t think it needs to be this way!


Our Off-season training is changed in its intensity as it will allow the athletes to adjust into what some would call a “maintenance” program during the season. There isn’t a need to worry about being sore or not ready for a game or practice because the training strategy is changed to accommodate this.

Generally we are spending time doing 2 strength based full body, multi joint exercise workouts in a week so that the athlete can later maintain the power and strength they worked so hard for in the regular season.

On other days, there are less working sets, and as I said before, there is more time spent on making sure movement patterns are solid, mobility is good, and soft-tissue work is being done. Not only does this help them from a physical standpoint, it leads me into my next benefit of Off-Season training.

Confidence and Mental Edge

There can’t be enough said about what this does for the mental edge an athlete receives. While an athlete is training in the Off-Season, they will train to feel strong, fast, quick so that they can take those same feelings out to the field in the early parts of the season.

Ultimately, for anyone who has stopped a training program knows, there is the letdown where you don’t feel as good as you did. You begin to beat yourself on body image and wishing that you felt the way you did back when you were training.

These negative thoughts often carry over to the field, diamond, court or pitch whether we know it or not.


Instead of these negative thoughts, we want our athletes to have that overwhelming confidence when they step in the batters box that they can get around on a pitch, even if a guy is throwing smoke!

We want them to be filled with the confidence that they can step out in any environment and know that they aren’t there just to compete, but to step out with a dominant edge to win on the competition.

The training also keeps athletes in an environment that is filled with positivity and success. They are still around people who are pushing hard to be the best they can be. When you keep yourself around thoroughbreds, you push harder! If you keep yourself around donkeys, well…

Being around motivated thoroughbreds and coaches helps keep that head trash out from between their ears and keeps them in the right mindset for success.

To be successful, we must put ourselves in environments that allow us to thrive! Keeping this mental edge allows athletes to step onto the field with a dominant advantage in an area that is huge in athletics.

We all know that it isn’t just the physical that allows for success, it is that mental toughness that is needed!

MessiFinal Thoughts

Off-Season training is key for anyone who wants to get their body healthy and take their performance at high levels for when the season comes. We want to increase our mobility, strength, agility and mental edge to dominate the season.

Be that thoroughbred!

Need to get the kids out of the house, but want to help them improve their sports performance at the same time? TRIM Fitness Youth Summer Camps are now accepting sign ups!

Session A:  June 24 – July 18, 2017

Session B:  July 17 – August 11, 2017

Simply email gonzalo@mytrimfitness.com or call 714-768-4858 to get them started.


5 Thoughts For Recent Grads

With graduation fever in the air, we have millions of high school and college graduates closing a chapter in their lives and getting ready to take the next step in either their academic career, or professional career.

Recently, I attended a Graduation Ceremony at CSULB (California State University Long Beach) and it brought up so many memories of my own.

I remember being so excited to graduate because it would suddenly be all up to me on how I defined my life.  No longer would I have to abide by the rules of school, or go to classes, but rather I would decide what would happen!

What I soon realized was the structure that I so desired to get away from way a security blanket, and I was met with an instant fear because suddenly it WAS all up to me!

With that in mind, I have put together a small list of 5 thoughts for recent grads, so that they can avoid many of the pitfalls, fears or mistakes that many will make!


1.    Find Your Routine
One of the biggest changes that I felt as I got out of school was that I no longer had my routine.  I had perfected my routine for so many years and now suddenly, it was gone!

I knew that I would wake up, go to school, study, do homework, practice or play soccer, go to sleep and repeat.  I knew that if I did this routine to the best of my ability, I would excel with my grades and that I would eventually able to graduate!

Much to my surprise, as soon as I was able to make my own routine, I felt lost.  I no longer had my ladder to climb and steps to take that I knew would guarantee success!  I had to create my own ladder and systems to be able to thrive.

There are those days that everything you touch seems to turn to gold, your attitude and energy is on point, and life is just GOOD! I called this part of my life “When Life Was Working Best!”

I challenge you to sit down and think about what made it so great.  Why was it so great? What were the set of steps that made it great?  Sit down, write it out, and repeat!  If we are capable of having a great day with a great mindset, we are capable of repeating that same great mindset and great day!

2.    Be Authentic
One of the biggest lessons I learned upon graduating was that it is essential that I be authentic to who I am, especially when it comes to doing what I love. You see, prior to being in fitness, my academic and professional belonged to the dental and education fields. But that’s not where my purpose best served.

Then, when I first got into the training world, I looked those who were successful around me and tried to emulate their “style”. I figured that if they had clients, they must have been doing something right! What I soon realized was that emulating them felt forced and was mentally draining.

I came to a point where I thought that maybe training wasn’t for me. I had a passion for helping, inspiring and motivating people, but maybe God had a different purpose for my life.  I sat down and prayed and came to the realization that I wasn’t using the tools and talents that I had been blessed with. I needed to be genuine and authentic to who I was, not a copy of someone else.

Great3.    Bring The Energy
You can’t go wrong with bringing energy!  If you can bring an authentic and positive energy to any situation, you will see the people around you lift up.  There is nothing worse that being around someone who is an “energy vampire”, meaning they suck the energy and life out of you just from them being around.  DON’T BE THAT PERSON!

Instead, be the person that lifts everyone up from them just being around you.  I personally challenge myself to make sure that everyone is lifted up and is excited that I am around. And if I am not that person, I rather keep to myself and work on Getting My Mind Right!

4.    Surround Yourself With Great People
There can’t be enough said for who you surround yourself with.  If you constantly are around successful people, you will more than likely pick up successful traits.  If you constantly hang around people who are lethargic, unmotivated and waiting for something good to happen, more than likely you will be that way as well.

My friend and mentor, Todd Durkin, often says “Surround yourself with thoroughbreds, no donkey’s” and I love it! I try to surround myself with as many thoroughbreds in my life in possible so that way MY life is always lifted up!

Along with great people, find yourself a mentor or multiple mentors! I can’t say enough for having someone that you can go to for advice and guidance when times are good and bad.  We have the amazing opportunity to learn from those who have come before us.  Use their gray hair and wisdom so that you can get ahead!

wow5.    Define Your Plan
Where do you want to go? I know that is a simple question, but it is tough one!  Many times, recent grads just assume they will get a job right out of college in their given field.  Not always true! You need to figure out what success looks like to you, and then define your plan for success. What does the end result look like? What do you need to learn still? Who can you learn that from?

Take the time to figure out your purpose. What are you good at? What fills your soul with joy?  How are you going to make an IMPACT with your life?  Having a plan, and writing it down will help give you clarity so you aren’t feel like you are just spinning your wheels.  Just like you wouldn’t take a road trip across the country without a map or plan, we definitely shouldn’t do that on our journey called life!


6.    Always do more than expected
I know, you are saying “Gonzalo, you said 5 tips, but this is your sixth!”  That is right. But if you know anything about me, you know I will always give you more than expected!

That’s right! Don’t just meet people’s expectations, exceed them! Whether it is in the time you spend with them, attention to detail on work you do for them, or just the intensity in which you listen… always exceed expectations!  If you can become famous for being a person that goes above and beyond the call of duty, you will stand out in a crowd.

Most individuals do just enough to get by.  They do what is expected and nothing more.  They live by the motto of “That’s good enough”.  In reality, nobody wants to be just good enough.  You want to stand out. You want to be recognized. You want to have an IMPACT.  You want to have a legacy.

Dare to be great.


Final Thoughts
Graduation is an amazing time for family and friends as one chapter ends and a new one begins.  I encourage you to sit down, reflect on these ideas and apply them to your life…as they apply to ALL areas of life. These are all ideas that I still do to this day, but wish I would have applied them earlier on. After all, it is all part of the journey!  Where is your journey taking you?


6 Tips to Avoid Summer Workout Mistakes

With summer right around the corner and “summer weather” in full effect, it may seem like every day is a good day to work out. Indeed, outdoor workouts are great summertime perks. However, there are some drawbacks to working out in the heat. In order for you to maintain the body you’ve worked hard for all year, here are some common summer exercise blunders and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Coffee Before a Workout

coffeenowI have to admit that when I read about this blunder I thought to myself, “who on earth drinks coffee, tea or any hot beverage on a hot summer day?” However, there are people who do and they have found out the hard way that water is a much better option for hydration before a workout. Coffee or any high-caffeine can drink act as a diuretic to your body, causing more fluid loss than normal when you consume it before a workout.

Avoiding this mistake is easy; simply drink water before your run or workout. Be aware that cooling your body before a workout is a good idea. The cooler the water, the more your body can get out of your workout.

2. Getting a Late Start

If you’re one of those rare breeds who loves to work out in the morning, then this tip is for you. Putting your workout off by even an hour in the morning is not the best idea. Why? In the summer, temperatures go up much earlier in the day. So, doing your workout later puts you at risk to overheat and cause damage to your body.

Counteract this mistake my getting plenty of rest at night and continuing your morning workouts (yes, even on the weekends) as scheduled. If you must work out later, try working out in the late evening when the sun is on its way down and temperatures are cooling off.

3. Not Wearing Spandex

keep-calm-and-wear-no-spandexOK, you don’t have to wear tight, form-fitting clothes in the summer to get a good workout. Most people would prefer to wear loose fitting clothes in order to allow their body some ventilation as they sweat through their intense workouts. However, if you’re prone to chaffing, then mixing loose fitting clothes with summer sweat can lead to an uncomfortable situation after the workout is over.

Choose clothes that are balanced; fitted but not overly tight or too loose will stave off chaffing. Wearing spandex under looser fitting workout clothes is another way to stop that pesky problem before it starts.

4. Eating Less After a Workout

This seems like a catch 22 because we workout so we can have less of an appetite and lose weight. However, when working out in higher temperatures, you not only need to replenish your water supply, but your food (aka energy) supply as well.

The best way to re-fuel is to eat within 30 minutes of working out. Sure, the hotter it is outside, the less you may want to eat large meals. But keep in mind that you don’t have to eat a large meal to replenish your energy. Something as small as one hard-boiled egg and a handful of carrot sticks is enough to keep you going after a workout. Also, a homemade smoothie or whey protein shake is a great way to get your body hydrated and re-fueled.

5. Bringing Sand to the Beach

Blue water bottle with running shoes and towel by pool. Exercise and hydration concept. Copy space.

The title of this tip really has nothing to do with the shore and everything to do with the sea. When doing pool workouts, a large number of people forget to drink water. They may mistakenly believe that being in water is as good as putting water in their bodies. A workout is a workout, though, and being in water is not the same as hydrating with it.

Also, it is important to note that while an individual is in water, it’s harder for their body to expel heat. Thus, the threat of overheating during a pool workout is elevated when compared to doing a workout outside of the pool.

How can you counteract being overheated in the pool? Drink water and plenty of it.

6. Wearing Dark Colors During a Workout

Ladies, I know we all love a little black slimming number. Most of us have that little black dress that makes us look great when we hit a night on the town. But, a workout is not a night on the town and wearing dark colors during our workouts will only make you hotter.

Instead, opt for lighter colored clothing that reflects the sun. Black and dark colors are heat absorbing and will be sure to make your workout much harder. Pastels and other colors are great for working out, and with summertime in full swing, they are fashionable as well.

“And Then Some” Tips:

  • If you like working out with your man, make sure he puts a shirt on. Sure, he might have a great body, but if he’s exercising outdoors for an extended period of time shirtless, he’s likely to get sunburned. While some sunscreens provide sweat protection, a shirt coupled with sunscreen will provide much more sun protection.

shirt on

  • When cycling, make sure to wear a helmet. Your hair shouldn’t be your primary concern when biking–and a helmet can be fashionable. Even if you have a plain undecorated helmet it will provide all the necessary protection in case of an accident.

Sure, exercising outdoors in the summer is a great way to mix up your workout routine. But try to stay indoors as much as possible. And, just be sure to follow these simple tips to make the most of your workout.

There you go my friends; 6 simple tips to avoid common summer workout mistakes!

Gonzalo Perez is an expert Fitness and Nutrition Coach in Menifee with over 8 years experience. His company, TRIM Fitness in Menifee is known as the solution for women’s health & fitness as they get their clients into great shape in record time in a semi-private training environment, through nutrition and strength conditioning in Menifee. If you’re looking for a program that will get you the BEST results email gonzalo@mytrimfitness.com or call 714.768.4858.

Bikini Bootcamp 2

7 Ways To “Jump-start” Your Body Ready For Summer

Here are 7 things you absolutely need to greet the season with a body built for your teeniest bikini!

A successful preparation for a Summer Body requires more than just a workout program, tracking and progression. Sure, by keeping tabs of your fitness, you’ll be more inclined to improve it. However, there are 7 things you need to incorporate RIGHT NOW into your routine to ensure you get the Summer Body you’ve always wanted in time for Summer.

1. Top Them All

Top It All

It’s not summer without backyard barbecues and burgers, but you don’t have to miss out. Minimize the damage by passing on the cheese and bacon and opting for a few creamy slices of avocado instead. You’ll save at least 100 calories all while adding extra flavor, vitamins, and those beneficial monounsaturated fats. BOOM!

2. Dress the Part

Dress the part

Here’s a big one…PASS on the creamy salad dressings and choose oil-and-vinegar-based ones. Or just ask for all dressings on the side so you can control calories by limiting the amount you use. Better yet, squeeze some lemon juice all over your salad..YUM! Oh, and if you do get dressing, remember to skip the fat-free ones. Your body need fats to feel satisfied and absorb the veggies’ nutrients.

3. Tea-se Away Bloat


Ditch the belly-ballooning carbonated drinks and brew some tea to banish bloat. Grate some ginger, which is known to soothe the digestive track into hot water, then add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, or steep about 5 grams of dried dandelion leaf (a diuretic) in one cup of hot water, strain, and drink once the water cools slightly. Other varieties of tea shown to help with gas include peppermint and chamomile.

4. Juice Up Your Diet

Juice it up

Skip the high-cal, butt-widening, sugar-spiked baked goods and sip on this hydrating, nutrient-packed juice, when you want a sweet snack that sneaks in servings of produce to boot: In a juicer, combine 2 to 3 carrots (greens removed), 1 seeded apple, 1/2 small beet, and 1/4 peeled lemon. This combo will boost your vitamin A levels while also giving your skin a rosy glow and providing a little natural SPF for your skin thanks to all of the caroteoids packed in the beets and carrots.

5. Brown-Bag It


Eating lunch at a restaurant can make it harder to lose weight. In fact, studies show, women who dine out midday at least once a week shed five fewer pounds than those who eat food from home. Pack your own noon meal and you’ll not only save calories, you’ll save cash too.

6. Down Water


Have a water “appetizer” before each meal. You’ll stay hydrated as the heat rises, which can make exercise feel easier, and drinking 2 cups of water before eating can help you consume fewer calories when you dig in, trust me on this one.


7. Dream On


If you tend to crave unhealthy foods, like cookies or deep-dish pizza, the day after a late night, you’re not the only one. In fact, too little sleep leads to 50-percent higher carb cravings. And the more tired you feel, the stronger those cravings are because your body is literally trying to get more energy. Stay jazzed all day and kick cravings in the face by getting about seven hours of sleep a night, which research suggests is the ideal amount to feel recharged in the morning.

There you have it my friends; 7 Ways To “Jump-Start” Your Body Ready For Summer!

If you are looking for a program that understands your needs, will progress you safely, and will finally GET that Summer Body you’ve always wanted, join our signature “Bikini Bootcamp”. APPLY HERE or reach out to us via phone at 714-768-4858 or via email at gonzalo@mytrimfintess.com.

Hard Workout

How To Tell If Your Workout Is Too Intense

As promised, here is a follow-up to my last blog addressing whether or not you are pushing yourself too hard and how it can lead to serious problems, including rhabdomyolysis – Condition linked to Crossfit.

Whether you’re a CrossFit junkie or not, you’ve probably seen the headlines claiming the fitness craze is to blame for extreme numbers of rhabdomyolysis cases. The condition is brought on by extreme exercise that causes muscle breakdown that can lead to kidney damage.


Before you cancel your CrossFit membership, keep in mind that the condition is incredibly rare, and Rhabdo (as it’s nicknamed) isn’t exclusive to CrossFit by any stretch of the imagination. Soccer players can get it, football players can get it, runners can get it—it’s less about what you’re doing and more about how you’re doing it. Or, rather, how hard you’re doing it.

Overtraining—or improperly training—will get you in trouble no matter what your fitness pursuit.

Although it is true that CrossFit instructors sometimes nurture the sort of “push to your limit—and then push further” mentality that’s more likely to lead to injury, if you adhere to a smart strength-training plan—and focus on quality over quantity—there’s no reason you can’t stay Rhabdo- and injury-free.

Here, five signs your workout iburpees-NO-mores too intense:

1. You Have to “Cheat”
Pushing yourself is good—it’s what makes you fitter. Pushing past your limits however, is just, well, not smart. And there’s a very fine line between the two. The simplest way to stay on the right side of the line is to stop when you reach “technical failure.” That means you can bang out as many burpees as your heart desires—until you can no longer do the textbook version of that burpee. Whatever exercise you’re doing should have a prescribed technique. Don’t compromise your technique to get in an extra rep or hit a prescribed number of reps you were given by a coach—that’s when you amp up injury risk.

Leg Day2. You Have Sore Joints
Soreness can be a good thing—it’s a sign you’re building muscle, getting stronger, and improving as an athlete. But soreness that disrupts normal functioning like being able to go to the restroom—or soreness in your joints (knees, elbows, wrists)—is a totally different beast. If you can’t straighten your arms the next day, that’s a problem. So if you worked your biceps, for example, you can expect they’ll be a bit achy the next day—but your elbows shouldn’t be sore. That’s a sign that you were doing the move wrong—or that you did too many reps or lifted too much weight.

3. You Gain Weight—Fast
We’re not talking about your waistline here. Increasing the weight you lift in the gym will help you bust through plateaus—but you shouldn’t go up by more than 5 to 10 pounds (for women) each week. Just like runners shouldn’t increase their mileage by more than 10 percent each week, upping your weights by more than 10 pounds can sideline you in the gym. You have to give your muscles time to adapt to the extra lbs.

4. You Train Every Day
When it comes to strength training, you shouldn’t hit the weights more than three to four times a week. Although it’s fine to do some light cardio or yoga on the other days, your body needs time to recover from strength training. And doing it more than four days a week is a sure way to end up with an injury.

michael-passed-out5. You Push Past Pain
If something hurts, stop immediately. It seems like an oversimplification, but ask yourself: ‘Does it hurt?’ If the answer is yes, stop. In other words, while a little soreness is fine, if you can’t get up and down stairs or lift your groceries the next day, you should scale back your routine.

There you have it my friends; 5 ways signs to avoid overtraining!

If you are looking for a program that understands your needs, will progress you safely, and will finally GET that Summer Body you’ve always wanted, join our signature “Bikini Bootcamp”. APPLY HERE or reach out to us via phone at 714-768-4858 or via email at gonzalo@mytrimfintess.com.