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About Us

T.R.I.M. Fitness is Here To HELP!

T.R.I.M. Fitness exists to HELP people Transform their bodies by Restructuring their lifestyle to Improve their physical wellness and ultimately Maximize their potentials; mentally and physically. Throughout the process, we will motivate, educate, and inspire people to reach optimal levels of performance and balance in life. We guarantee to make your life better!

We achieve this through personal training, athletic conditioning, proper nutrition concepts, life coaching, on-going support, motivation, and accountability. Our comprehensive, holistic approach to fitness and wellness in an environment that fosters a positive and friendly energy, empowers you to reach a heightened state of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual balance.

  • T = Trust, openness, honesty, respect, commitment, and humility in all we do
  • R = Renew your goals, rejuvenate your spirit, reward your life
  • = Individualization: Your wants and goals are our compass
  • M = Motivating: Motivation, education, and inspiration have to happen all the time
  • = Fun, Friendly, and Focused
  • = Innovating: we strongly support creativity, constant professional and personal growth
  • = Time and resources are valuable and we will maximize results during your sessions
  • N = No excuses, just results: Nutrition, exercise, and support create permanent results
  • E = Enthusiasm: Positive energy and contagious positive attitude day in and day out
  • = State of the Art programs: World-Class service day in and day out
  • S = Spiritual Nourishment